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polar bear
Posted by hawkelf on 2006.10.07 at 00:41
Sadly, I think this community is dead. However, it is not unwatched. I may be the only original member who still exists/uses the journal belonging to this community, but I am here. Any new or prospective members should feel free to join, tell their story, whatever. Because I am here, believe it or not. My own story is flocked to community members, which is why, if you haven't joined yet, you can't see any activity here. Other people made posts as well, but since forceofhobbit, my co-maintainer, deleted her journal, they disappeared. But! Continue!

polar bear
Posted by hawkelf on 2005.09.05 at 20:14
Current Mood: stubborn
I'm not actually sure what the rules for this community are- if there are any- so I figure I can post a question/advice-plea, ja?

I have to write a descriptive essay of at least three pages for my Comp class. It's supposed to be over a major/life-changing event in my life. About the only things that I can come up with have to do with my past suicidal tendancies.

I have told only four people in my school- who believed me- about this, two of which are in the class. My parents do not want me to tell anyone. The essay would have to be peer-edited by at least one of my classmates, probably more, read by my teacher- with whom I have three other classes-, read by someone at Cowley College, and put on a national database to insure that no one ever uses my essay for other college classes. When I posted the overview of my 'story' here, I felt strongly compelled to disappear from my online haunts entirely without notice.

I don't feel the need to hide this. It's a part of me, and a part that I shouldn't be ashamed of. But. I don't want to be treated differently- hated, scorned, looked down upon, whatever. Because I have been. And this is my home school; the people I've grown up with. I don't want them to do that to me.

So I don't know what to do. Do I use it as my subject, or do I use something else that I don't remember or feel as strongly?


polar bear
Posted by hawkelf on 2005.08.15 at 17:19
Current Mood: industrious
For anyone who wants to put a banner in their info/whatever...

I don't think any of our present three members need this, but assuming we eventually succeed in getting more, here's the html.
[a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/nosurvivorguilt"][img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v197/Hawkelf/This%20and%20that/nosurvivorguilt.png"][/a]
Just substitute [] for <>.

~Hawky, desperately trying to make the community live.

polar bear
Posted by hawkelf on 2005.08.12 at 21:04
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
Alright, someone has to post first. Seeing as no one else has done so yet, I guess that leaves it to me.

Because I'm wholly unoriginal and don't know what to post... I'll explain why I, at least, wanted to make this community. forceofhobbit is the one who actually came up with the idea and created it, but I'm going to steal some credit. Because I can. And I did the nasty customizing/icon-making.

So. First order of business; how this community came to be created (at least, from my side).
Late at night one night, I started randomly googling stuff. Eventually, I started looking to see if there was anything out there for people who have attempted/considered suicide or things like that. After several days I was very disappointed, though not surprised, to find out that there wasn't.

I then proceeded to let that simmer in the back of my mind for a couple of weeks before remarking upon it in my LJ. forceofhobbit made a comment agreeing that there should be something, she volunteered to make a community, and here it is. nosurvivorguilt was made, I think, to be a community within which we could provide and seek mutual support while working our various ways into our future lives.

So... I guess... Let the posting begin?